How to figure out my mail settings, what is smtp server?
What is my email settings?

In short and in nutshell, we could help determine your safe and right settings to your email client and it should work on Outlook, Thunderbird, Android..

Enter your email address

If you dont want to give your mail address, just type the domain the last part from '@'.

SMTP Settings are meant for sending mails this could be smtp.domain-name.tld or mail.domain-name.tld or total different, we could help.

IMAP4 is modern solution to retrieve your emails, enter your mail address or hostname and we help figure out what is the email settings.

POP3 is out-dated and should avoid, in case if you still want to use that for a reason we can help lookup the right email settings.

If one of the service has SSL we will print a summary of the certificate

No question this is a professional toolset written in C++ with async sockets.

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