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nPulse.net going dark (again)

Back in time the most of the websites were DARK, specially the tech ones and forums. Then people started to use more slick, curved and light themes about 2009. Then again most of the sites went ... Click and Read More!

sysAdmin ToolBox v2.3.0

We just uploaded the very new release of this application.We added new function called: WiFi Discovery I'm sure everyone will love that, so simple and yet powerfull.We reworked Lan Discovery, ... Click and Read More!

Latest Security Advisory

WordPress Plugin DZS Zoomsounds 6.45 - Arbitrary File Read (Unauthenticated) - 2021/12/02
WordPress Plugin Slider by Soliloquy 2.6.2 - 'title' Stored Cross Site Scripting (XSS) (Authenticated) - 2021/12/02
Online Magazine Management System 1.0 - SQLi Authentication Bypass - 2021/12/01
Online Pre-owned/Used Car Showroom Management System 1.0 - SQLi Authentication Bypass - 2021/12/01
Laundry Booking Management System 1.0 - Remote Code Execution (RCE) - 2021/11/29
opencart - Sessjion Injection - 2021/11/28
orangescrum 1.8.0 - 'Multiple' Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) (Authenticated) - 2021/11/28
orangescrum 1.8.0 - 'Multiple' SQL Injection (Authenticated) - 2021/11/28
HTTPDebuggerPro 9.11 - Unquoted Service Path - 2021/11/23
Bus Pass Management System 1.0 - 'Search' SQL injection - 2021/11/23
Webrun - 'P_0' SQL Injection - 2021/11/23
Wordpress Plugin WP Guppy 1.1 - WP-JSON API Sensitive Information Disclosure - 2021/11/22
FLEX 1085 Web 1.6.0 - HTML Injection - 2021/11/21
GNU gdbserver 9.2 - Remote Command Execution (RCE) - 2021/11/21
Aimeos Laravel ecommerce platform 2021.10 LTS - 'sort' SQL injection - 2021/11/20
Wordpress Plugin Smart Product Review 1.0.4 - Arbitrary File Upload - 2021/11/16
CMDBuild 3.3.2 - 'Multiple' Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - 2021/11/15
What is nPulse.net?
nPulse.net trying to be a group of unix experts and IT Specialist. Usually we solve problems that nobody could. And working at IT too.

Tools, IT-Security, Industrial-IT, Datalogging, IoT, Fighting with SPAM, OpenSource Projects
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This is not just a website, we provide you a lot of high quality utilities to make your life simplier.

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New Software (PFR)

Our new Software released under Open Source license. PFR is a cross-platform easy-to-use powerfull tool to recover broken files that caused HDD or Filesystem errors. Seemed very usefull ... Click and Read More!

Upgrade into FreeBSD Bhyve was successfull

As I told before we were started to migrate our infrastructure from Linux/KVM (FreeBSD) into FreeBSD/Bhyve (FreeBSD). I announce that we succesfully finished the task with minor downtime.It was ... Click and Read More!

Launched BVCP Today!

FreeBSD Bhyve Web Control Panel launched today as planned as pre-release.Project started at 2021.05 month and yet ready for production use therefore the fastest project rollout that we ever ... Click and Read More!

BVCP for FreeBSD Bhyve Released today!

I'm happily announce that, one of our greatest product just released for the public! BVCP is a Webcontrol interface for FreeBSD Bhyve aka alternatives for: "VmWare", "ProxMox" and so on.The ... Click and Read More!

Hello Bhyve, Im moving in ...

We are performing an update at this weekend, there will be some interrupts in our services. Please be patient! ... Click and Read More!

bhyve webadmin, web control panel

FreeBSD uses bhyve as hypervisor! So.. no questions we are using FreeBSD for web, mailing, devel, for everything.Now we would like to drop KVM / ProxMox solution.However ProxMox is very handy.. ... Click and Read More!

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