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Pydio / AjaXplorer < 5.0.4 - Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Upload - 2019/01/18
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'JsBuiltInEngineInterfaceExtensionObject::InjectJsBuiltInLibraryCode' Use-After-Free - 2019/01/18
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'InitClass' Type Confusion - 2019/01/18
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'NewScObjectNoCtor' or 'InitProto' Type Confusion - 2019/01/18
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'InlineArrayPush' Type Confusion - 2019/01/18
Webmin 1.900 - Remote Command Execution (Metasploit) - 2019/01/18
Joomla! Core 3.9.1 - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting in Global Configuration Textfilter Settings - 2019/01/18
FastTube - Denial of Service (PoC) - 2019/01/18
VPN Browser+ - Denial of Service (PoC) - 2019/01/18
7 Tik - Denial of Service (PoC) - 2019/01/18
What is nPulse.net?
nPulse.net trying to be a group of unix experts and IT Specialist. Usually we solve problems that nobody could. And working at IT too.

Tools, IT-Security, Industrial-IT, Datalogging, IoT, Fighting with SPAM, OpenSource Projects
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Interactive Site
This is not just a website, we provide you a lot of high quality utilities to make your life simplier.

SEO Analytic
Responsive Webshot
Connection Tracking
PortScan, DNS Lookup
MX Test
Blacklist, SMTP Test


Microsoft Surprises Linux Users

Microsoft Surprises Linux Users

Well in the past, if someone tells me Microsoft officially supports running a linux under Windows... well :) Microsoft already changed their mind and Im like it! Started with *Windows 10*, Microsoft ... Click and Read More!
ZFS Filesystem Review

ZFS Filesystem Review

ZFS is a transactional filesystem by Sun Microsystems (ORACLE) This means: data corruption never should be. This can be achieved by: checksuming, duplications, and various raid-levels that built-in ... Click and Read More!
Welcome back BSD

Welcome back BSD

Finally I can introduce nPulse.net is running on FreeBSD again. Two years ago we have forced a little bit into linux I mean Debian. It was awesome, linux-based oses are great and "seems" fast but ... Click and Read More!
Sorry for the Mess and Noise, Just launched a new site.

Sorry for the Mess and Noise, Just launched a new site.

Yes, we have a new site with most advanced toolset nPulse.net is always tried to be sysadmin friendly, we always sharing tools and our resources, so we had improved all systems we have to enable most ... Click and Read More!

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