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BVCP 2.0.x Released

Our one of the most popular FREE-TO-USE Software BVCP reached the next milestone.Big thanks to the active community, a ton of feedbacks received which is very useful.Im happy to inform everyone ... Click and Read More!

Welcome 2024

We have been busy at 2023. Im personally very happy to see a lot of new technologies especially EV related researches.We continued to support our community projects and the industry with free ... Click and Read More!

FreeBSD 14 fresh install breaks mc (Midnight Commander) subshell support

We are very happy to announce that - if you did not know already - one of the best Operating System released a new version. FreeBSD 14. This version of FreeBSD changed a lot at userspace. Seems ... Click and Read More!

ZFS Replication Software

  While we are working on BVCP 2.0 just another software made to handle ZFS Replications over multiple nodes. The software yet not released for the public.  This ZFS Replication is the ... Click and Read More!

Latest Security Advisory

IBM i Access Client Solutions v1.1.2 - 1.1.4_ v1.1.4.3 - - Remote Credential Theft - 2024/02/26
Wyrestorm Apollo VX20 < 1.3.58 - Incorrect Access Control 'Credentials Disclosure' - 2024/02/26
Wyrestorm Apollo VX20 < 1.3.58 - Incorrect Access Control 'DoS' - 2024/02/26
Wyrestorm Apollo VX20 < 1.3.58 - Account Enumeration - 2024/02/26
FAQ Management System v1.0 - 'faq' SQL Injection - 2024/02/26
Flashcard Quiz App v1.0 - 'card' SQL Injection - 2024/02/26
Online Shopping System Advanced - Sql Injection - 2024/02/26
taskhub 2.8.7 - SQL Injection - 2024/02/26
comments-like-dislike < 1.2.0 - Authenticated (Subscriber+) Plugin Setting Reset - 2024/02/26
Simple Inventory Management System v1.0 - 'email' SQL Injection - 2024/02/26
WEBIGniter v28.7.23 - Stored Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - 2024/02/21
JFrog Artifactory < 7.25.4 - Blind SQL Injection - 2024/02/19
Wondercms 4.3.2 - XSS to RCE - 2024/02/19
SureMDM On-premise < 6.31 - CAPTCHA Bypass User Enumeration - 2024/02/19
Employee Management System v1 - 'email' SQL Injection - 2024/02/19
Microsoft Windows Defender - VBScript Detection Bypass - 2024/02/19
Microsoft Windows Defender Bypass - Detection Mitigation Bypass - 2024/02/19
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Bhyve UEFI drops into EFI shell, Linux wont boot Easy Workaround

  EFI works that way that the installer places a file into a FAT32 partition in a regular directory as called "BOOT". The usual full path of EFI loader is ... Click and Read More!

Nexus Datalogger 2023

We're proudly present that we released out our next version of datalogger software as commerical product. Our first version of Datalogger Software released back in 2012. What we made is a simple ... Click and Read More!

Big Concern: Facebook hack, Google Chrome V8 Hack, Meta Support

Many users experiences that their account leaked through Facebook Advertisement platform.The BOT change their names to Kevin Konkrete Davis and similar. You can see already that many people are ... Click and Read More!


We are doing some regular maintenance at 22:00 - 02:00 UTC. Some services might be distrupted at this time. ... Click and Read More!

FreeBSD Bhyve Webadmin | BVCP 1.9.8 Just Released

BVCP 1.9.8 features  New protocol to transmit VNC/RFB data as encrypted and compressed.Better, faster and more responsive UI.Colored CLI InterfaceMore Secured.    The VNC/RFB ... Click and Read More!

Trackit-PortGuard just released

When implemented well, this software can be considered as two-factor pre-authentication.Therefore this is one of the most secure method to protect services. This is a simple TCP Gateway ... Click and Read More!

2022 annual report

Here we go another year passed away.We very well predicted the importance of energy efficiency. In the year of 2022 we faced a lot of challenges due we opened for consumer area and allows our ... Click and Read More!

A dull attempt to hack into my email from Nigeria.

Seems like this amazing African country has some hacky potential, but so much to learn.The thing why is this attempt worth a blog entry, because he unable to get any information, but exposed ... Click and Read More!

BVCP 1.9.0 Released Today

A major version update released out today!This update address many requests and improves overall speed and performance. Highlight of this release: Network Bridge (MTU): BVCP Supports non-standard ... Click and Read More!

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