Nexus Datalogger 2023

Our first version of Datalogger Software released back in 2012. What we made is a simple and continuous datalogging ... Click and Read More!


This is a simple TCP Gateway or proxy with advanced security features.The mechanism similar to port ... Click and Read More!

[P]artial [F]ile [R]ecovery in case of badSector, HDD Error

Our new Software released under Open Source license.PFR is a cross-platform easy-to-use powerfull tool to recover ... Click and Read More!

BVCP: FreeBSD Bhyve Web UI

This is a personal project from the author of, Viktor Hlavaji (DaVieS) is always willing to ... Click and Read More!


This is an industry-class cross-platform complete Framework written in C/C++ with many built-in functions ... Click and Read More!

SSH Two-Factor Authentication

SSH Twofactor Authentication is our "still-under-development" project.It for Android mobile phones and linux / ... Click and Read More!

sysAdmin ToolBox v2.0

We are happily announce that our second version of sysAdmin ToolBox for Adnroid mobile phones published into ... Click and Read More!


ASPF-Milter is our next generation Centralised SPAM Filter on both directions (sending, receiving).ASPF-Milter as ... Click and Read More!


Trackit-2019 is our enterprise class /very advanced/ all-in-one monitoring/datalogger application for IT / ICT ... Click and Read More!

MVCP 1.0 (Discounted, 2.0 coming soon)

MVCP is our 5th generation of Mass Virtual Hosting Control Panel. Unlike any-other versions MVCP is written in PHP ... Click and Read More!

ASPF (Discounted, see: ASPF-MILTER)

ASPF is an Advanced Spam Processing Filter. ASPF is a centralized SPAM mitigation tool for both incoming and ... Click and Read More!

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