BVCP: FreeBSD Bhyve Web UI

Published Date: 2021/06/28 by: DaVieS

BVCP: FreeBSD Bhyve Web UI

This is a personal project from the author of, Viktor Hlavaji (DaVieS). is always willing to share knowledge and resources with others, and I have 10+ experience of making industry-class / enterprise-class softwares.

Since 2017 Im focusing to reduce CO emission footprint by many levels on industrial scale IT, so I trying to be green, what I need is mostly FreeBSD and virtualisation technology, however until now they are will not came together, until now.

I do need to comply with my customers and managing a ton of server would be difficult, thats why I used to KVM alternatives with pretty webUI, so with this project I assume all conditions are met to fully migrate into FreeBSD and saves a lot energy, that also means we are going to run on lower costs.

To be clear, in the past 10+ years of *NIX experience I can clearly claim that the FreeBSD much more faster than ANY, but more capricious.

BVCP: FreeBSD Bhyve Web UI
BVCP: FreeBSD Bhyve Web UI
BVCP: FreeBSD Bhyve Web UI

Network Management:

BVCP Supports multiple network configurations, such bridged network, NAT configurations.


Storage Management:

Bhyve yet only supports .raw image disks, BVCP can create, attach, resize, detach, delete them as well.


VM Management:

BVCP has all features to provide full-featured virtual host administration over webUI.


System Management:

BVCP highly integrates into FreeBSD but remains independent, network interfaces (tap, bridge) start from number 300 to 900 to avoid conflicting any existing application, such as VPN.


Native Application:

No external libraries needed, just the operating system installed. Everything is included as a package, including the TLS/SSL capable webserver embedded.



Every core features are optimized for one task: "manage virtual machines". Nothing more. Therefore the whole software less than 100MB.

Enterprise Ready:

Made for production use, planned to manage multiple servers across multiple datacenters regardless the distance between them.


UEFI Support:

Basically only supports UEFI installation, with its advantages and limitations. This is important due portability.



Start, Stop, Reset Virtual machines with multiple stop mechanism involved such as (ACPI Request).



The whole software is uses asynchronous functions, no delays, no locks -> Instant Action



noVNC Support integrated, due VNC protocol is unencrypted the software always encapsulates traffic as TLS channel.


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