SSH Two-Factor Authentication

Published Date: 2020/10/22 by: DaVieS

SSH Two-Factor Authentication

SSH Twofactor Authentication is our "still-under-development" project.
It for Android mobile phones and linux / FreeBSD servers.

The goal is make SSH access more secure but not the cost of time and management.
If the administrator have to do SSH at daily bases on multiple servers, its very hard to maintain the most of Two-Factor solutions.

This application simply popup a message and the user can accept or reject, every login is logged and available on the Logs at phone. Why are this incredible easy?

Because you can choose 3 different type of modes:
 - Permissive: You have to authenticate once per 6 hours, and if you not chaning your IP Address will work for you.
 - Strict: This is a paranoid mode, so request to have verify every time
 - Disabled: No Two Factor Authentication required but logged.

Application supports whitelist for IP and Users.
3rd party C++ Software required to installed onto the server and only a single line at bottom of sshd_config.
This application has a "LOST-MY-PHONE" protection and an Offline Authentication.
its account based, also account can be shared on multiple devices, groups even in cross-accounts.
And once the server not able to reach the network but you can reach via SSH, there is an Offline Authentication.

Note that this application cannot exchange any SSH passwords and SSH authentication have to succeed before triggered as secondary security layer.

Since still development any purchases of this application means life-time currently, in the future we planning to release as free with subscription, but these changes does not affect our customers who already have this application.

SSH Two-Factor Authentication
SSH Two-Factor Authentication
SSH Two-Factor Authentication

SSH Two-Factor Authentication
SSH Two-Factor Authentication
SSH Two-Factor Authentication

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