Published Date: 2020/11/24 by: DaVieS


ASPF-Milter is our next generation Centralised SPAM Filter on both directions (sending, receiving).
ASPF-Milter as it's name suggest uses MILTER protocol and compatible with Postifx.

Milter protocol not safe over the internet therefore ASPF-Milter uses it's custom milter-proxy feature that means ASPF-Milter does not need to run on the same server as the Mailing System. 

Milter-Proxy encapsulates with AES128 milter informations and provided into ASPF-Server.
ASPF has SMART GRAYLISTING, that means its only triggered when the sender host could not be verified at maximum 20 seconds and its not in cache otherwise this feature not be triggered.

This highly decreased mail delays. ASPF-Milter can detect the sender host if valid or not and the sender also.
ASPF-Milter does not handling email body, only headers submitted with connection details.

ASPF-Milter efficiency is over 95% which is makes this software one of the best. Also its able to handle hundreds of mail servers at once, written in our framework which is based on C++. ASPF-Milter have builtin webserver with TLS/SSL Support, SMTP, DNS, ...

Intelligent Greylisting

ASPF-MILTER does greylisting only if it needs, high performance network scanner and fingerprint service able to finish sender host detection within seconds, therefore only if timeout exceeds 20 seconds apply a greylist rule.

DNBSL / RBL Management Built-IN

All incoming connection run against varios DNSBL services which can be managed via web interface.

Intelligent Queries

Due lot of data all queries performed without heavy impact on database to let the resource keep up for mailing.


ASPF-MILTER does an excessive sender host scan to ensure their validity.

Enforced Security

ASPF-MILTER stores everything as encrypted BLOB, splitting user@domain into user and domain and indexing it with hashes and indexes. Milter-Proxy already encapsulates every traffic between MTA and ASPF-MILTER.



ASPF-MILTER can scan 50 hosts per once with 20 threads, that means 1000 hosts in single shot doing this with only 800M RAM and 15% CPU usage on a $5 VPS instance.


ASPF-Milter can prevent incoming spam and outgoing too.

  • Botnet Detection
  • Automatic Ongoing mitigation
  • Alerts & Reports
  • Rate Limiting


ASPF-MILTER immediately filter out SPAMs and depending on settings drop or flag them, since ASPF-MILTER performance nearly same as a single C++ software doing it with incredible speed and low memory/performance footprint.


ASPF-MILTER handles countless mail systems, with different privileges and groups, it can well separate.


ASPF-MILTER logging email traffic well, so instead of 'grep'-ing logs, just search and it lists all the email traffic and applied rules.


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