BVCP for FreeBSD Bhyve Released today!

Published Date: 2021/11/14 by: DaVieS

BVCP for FreeBSD Bhyve Released today!
BVCP for FreeBSD Bhyve Released today!

I'm happily announce that, one of our greatest product just released for the public!

BVCP is a Webcontrol interface for FreeBSD Bhyve aka alternatives for: "VmWare", "ProxMox" and so on.
The project goal was make something secure and stable environment for enterprise use.

This website also running under BVCP and FreeBSD & Bhyve.
Fun fact: The project started from a little conversiation with Pásztor György at some facebook group about 5 months ago and here we go ... So a credit for him!

This should be a very instructive for everyone who make an opinion, like György did. 
He said FreeBSD Bhyve is very good and powerfull and I did not believe him at the begining because I had trouble some years ago. But he claimed that so strong so I must checked out. 

Using FreeBSD to host Virtual Machines was always a big dream for me, so I'm very sorry to drop MODBUS and MVCP for it but no matter how strange is making a control panel for FreeBSD Bhyve much more easier than the above two.

We are proceed to continue our development.

For more details check the project website:

BVCP for FreeBSD Bhyve Released today!
BVCP for FreeBSD Bhyve Released today!
BVCP for FreeBSD Bhyve Released today!

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