Side Quest, BVCP WebUI for FreeBSD Bhyve

Published Date: 2021/05/07 by: DaVieS

Side Quest, BVCP WebUI for FreeBSD Bhyve

Okay, so we are in middle to upgrade and realign our infrastructure and happened days ago with a random facebook talk, someone hinted FreeBSD Bhyve.. 

Im a FreeBSD fan personally but when I was hanging around with Bhyve years ago, it just was... an unstable mess. But years after I would like to drop the hell out of KVM and ProxMox solution for Bhyve.

However my lazy ass... so if something was cool about ProxMox is a webUI that not likely exists on Bhyve, FreeNas and some commercial appliances do the trick, but FreeNas is not meant to be a CORE machine as VM Host.

So in nutshell we dropped everything for a little time, to deploy a complete ProxMox like solution under Bhyve, time is ticking and we are progressed awesome just in 3 days!

As like MVCP (Webhosting Control Panel), BVCP shared some cool thing, like backend + api + frontend feature.
We want everything simple, create virtual machines, manage, console, start / stop. snapshot, manage storages thats all, quite easy...

So by the way the first problem we are going to address, is noVNC <-> VNC proxy beacuse bhyve drops VNC server at restart due its natural behaviour. Sounds easy yet.

Side Quest, BVCP WebUI for FreeBSD Bhyve

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