We are working on: Modbus Software for Windows and Linux

Published Date: 2021/11/26 by: DaVieS

We are working on: Modbus Software for Windows and Linux
We are working on: Modbus Software for Windows and Linux

We see that our MODBUS RTU Tool has a great interest, first we improved it's quality and also we are ready to deploy new functionalities to its.

However meanwhile we are preparing our first software that available for everyone for a purpose: debug and log modbus protocol.

Software is planned to release out this year as BETA.

About the site's online modbus-rtu tool, we will continue to improve and we are ready to release soon the first update for it, Windows GUI and updated Linux support including all LINUX and FreeBSD (FreeBSD is not a linux anyway).

And more options for serial, such as stopbit and his friends.

Explicit Features:


 - Our software will can walk-through and find a value you are searching by displaying the current value and the address, this is well appreciated if you don't have any documents anymore, I think this is uncommon and does not seems to exists yet.

One Software, Two modes

Our software will able to read any modbus registers and displays its content and the full MODBUS mechanism, also we will integrate a SNIFFER that allows you to understand or clarify your appliances more. Very usefull for debugging.



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