Secure your webserver

Published Date: 2020/02/12 by: DaVieS

Secure your webserver

Warning! Seems like webdevelopment went crazy!
If you would like to avoid any hacking or destructive operations by attackers see below, you may found this little article interesting.

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So what to do? - We help that.

How did they hacked me...

The most common attack methods are:

  • .env files (Laravel) may contains your database passwords and any sensitive data, this file should not been used by Laravel this is simply irresponsibility since PHP was born all passwords are must be stored in PHP files.
  • .git files, this is a Git Repository if this available to attackers they could grab your source code including passwords.
  • .ini files sometimes a beginner PHP programmers uses .INI files to store passwords
  • .db / .sqlite We discovered many SQlite database available in websites that contains passwords or any sensitive datas.
  • User-Agent XSS: if your website tracking User-Agent or any header sent to the server and if you can see them like in admin-area you should 'escaping' against < > html codes, because if you dont a well crafted query could lead to hijacking your session.
  • You didn't use SSL.
  • You are using wordpress




Prevention is always the best solution, here are some steps:

  • Make sure the Database Server is unreachable from internet.
  • Disable some paths / extensions in your webserver config
    • .git
    • .env (Laravel uses it, no clue how do they think this...)
    • .ini
    • .db
    • .sqlite
  • Make a regular backups and upgrade your server periodically.

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