Sorry for the Mess and Noise, Just launched a new site.

Published Date: 2018/03/13 by: DaVieS

Yes, we have a new site with most advanced toolset is always tried to be sysadmin friendly, we always sharing tools and our resources, so we had improved all systems we have to enable most advanced tools available online more reliable and faster.

It took some time to finish, because its written in PHP 7.2 its quite new to me, well not exactly but missed some functions like mcrypt (okay, I knew it was abandoned already).

Some people always sucking my blood why I have to rewrite everything or write a thing that already exists.
Maybe they are true at some point, because I wrote a zabbix-clone, hosting control panel (6x times at least, every 2 years) stop. Okay, I admit that I compulsively rewriting everything from scratch, its really a time-consumption and often regret it at middle of the progress.

Another side is, If you wrote many softwares you should to know, you always learning and develops yourself. I making a better and better toolchains, utilities and softwares. Most of times they are can beat most of the available rivals.

So I tried again TO NOT WRITE a complete new site from scratch, so gave another chance to WordPress. It did not work. really. WordPress is a very dangerous framework, if you put to it "some" plugin, you already did a big security hole. Also some of the codes are seems like written by 8 years old child. Yeah so my abandoned wordpress sites have been overtaken by bots. all of them..

I never had BLOG before, actually I can't imagine myself as blogger but since some of my friend forced me to promise that I will try, here we go.
Its very possible to making some IT based articles with interesting titles, like FreeBSD, ZFS, DDOS.
Also this year I'm getting focused on OpenSource projects and Community.

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