BVCP 2.0.x Released

Published Date: 2024/03/01 by: DaVieS

BVCP 2.0.x Released
BVCP 2.0.x Released

Our one of the most popular FREE-TO-USE Software BVCP reached the next milestone.
Big thanks to the active community, a ton of feedbacks received which is very useful.

Im happy to inform everyone that the 2.0 is released and features everything promised such as

 - UEFI Storage
 - Significantly better user experience.

and more.

Hotfixes are still rolling out due we did a lot of changes on how the software handles the data, which could cause problems. Many and many different systems running BVCP and nearly impossible to test every scenario, so similar to every update we address all kind of situation shared with our community.





Milestone Completed

This was a BIG milestone, BVCP is become a product not just a software.
We officially open to give contractual support at North America and Central European region to this software.

BVCP released back in time 2021 and still very active and regarding on CHANGELOG its getting impoved every quarter.

Hundreds of servers using BVCP to manage Virtual Machines and actually I think it is a good alternative for Home and Small Bussinesses, even for Hosting.


Our Goals

Our goal to improve and expand BVCP functionality until it reach the top segment of the global industry. We keep the dual licensing model, BVCP is free-to-use for everyone without any liability and warranty, any other case we are open to make a deal.

BVCP is not an Operating System and won't be. It's running on FreeBSD and even doing well on pfSense.
BVCP a very small and easy-to-understand software. It does not change your system, does not install anything at all. Does not build up depedencies, does not handles your filesystem or any sensitive and critical component. BVCP let you handle your own system but gives you a premium comfort on webinterface. 

On the market there are a plenty of names. Vmware, VirtualBox, Proxmox, CBSD to name a few. And console utilities like vm-bhyve.  

BVCP does not challenge them, instead we trying to be compatible with them. A plenty of future plan we have already to make import & export possible. So users can freely choose what kind of system they prefer. 

Personally Im still using many different systems, BVCP could address what I missed from the others. A simplicity and comfort to manage every host in one single interface, SECURELY.

2024.02.23: Allow attach and create new disk at the same time
2024.02.23: Allow modify disk when detached or foreign
2024.02.23: Fix error when foreign or missing disk presents (`the index '1' does not exist at application/vmclient/web/webadmin/vm/details.c(685)`)
2024.02.20: Fix missing incoming connection on sysinfo menu
2024.02.20: Change layout to 5-7 on dashboard

2024.02.20: Added correct boot order, padding PCI slots to avoid EFI shell prompted on first place
2024.02.20: System accept fraction numbers for memory settings, also displaying correctly up to 2 decimal points
2024.02.20: Fixed reconnection issue that elliminates (partial data received warnings)
2024.02.20: Hardware configuration now colored to determine easier what configuration an user can modify
2024.02.20: Better ajax calls on VM list, VMs are displayed realtime
2024.02.20: Added loading screen to pages that might loads slower
2024.02.20: Show assigned users on the list page
2024.02.20: Allow edit VM description by the user
2024.02.19: Added option to reset UEFI BIOS Settings.
2024.02.19: FIX: Minor HDD LUN numbers (collision avoidance) could changed according to directory cache and file names, now they are assigned to database ID.
2024.02.19: Automatically re-set log, uefi files permissions to 0600 for security reasons despite the folder settings.

2024.02.18: Hotfix: `wrong number of parameters (2 passed, 4 required) at application/vmclient/web/webadmin/vm/Forms/create_vm.c(130)`
2024.02.18: Hotfix: Edit Name / Description leads to an error
2024.02.18: Hotfix: Add support to older systems and an update warning.
2024.02.18: Hotfix: When add Intel-1000 legacy adapter two of them appear.
2024.02.18: Hotfix: Possibly get rid of remaining startup issues by clearing vminfo cache, by renaming it into new key.
2024.02.18: Hotfix: Fix some startup issues following migration process, `the index 'time' does not exist`, `the index 'custom' does not exist`
2024.02.17: Better garbage collection mechanism
2024.02.17: Security Prompt when user using default admin account
2024.02.17: Fixed native bhyve logging
2024.02.17: Add Option to set host's TAP IP Address (useful for special routing cases with pfSense)
2024.02.17: Added feature: UEFI Storage to save UEFI settings
2024.02.17: Mutexing noVNC concurrent sessions, admins grab axplicit lock over the console
2024.02.17: noVNC can handle VM Power Options (start, stop, restart, shutdown), better BVCP integration
2024.02.17: Reduced Memory footprint
2024.02.15: Added support for PCI-Passthrough DMAR, AMDVi
2024.02.14: Added Backend compatibility check
2024.02.14: Preserve Machine Statistics
2024.02.14: Database structure & serialization optimisation
2024.02.11: Dashboard interface now contains VERY USEFUL node statistics, warnings and alerts
2024.02.11: Fix race condition which cause the software does not exit - just hangs 
2024.02.11: Significantly improved the overall speed by changing JIT mechanism
2024.02.02: Fix `the index 'state' does not exist at application/vmclient/web/webadmin/dashboard/main.c(96)` related errors
2024.02.02: Fix `the index 'name' does not exist at application/vmclient/web/webadmin/vm/list.c(109)` error
2024.02.02: Max allowed CPU Count adjusted to sysctl variables
2024.02.02: Better way to check of requirements of bhyve core, IOMMU, max cpu count

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