Nexus Datalogger 2023

Published Date: 2023/07/03 by: DaVieS

Nexus Datalogger 2023
Nexus Datalogger 2023

We're proudly present that we released out our next version of datalogger software as commerical product.

Our first version of Datalogger Software released back in 2012. What we made is a simple and continuous datalogging software with a reliable database. Also, it had many innovative technologies built-in already, like web-based frontend, TLS/SSL Support, IPv6 Support. It has a great success in the region especially where the primary task is heat-treatment related.

The original concept was a simple software that can run on any popular operating system like Windows, Linux, FreeBSD without any external dependency, but the key feature is able to access remotely on the network or internet. These features requires additional security and user management, yet the software still easy to setup and use. Another crucial part was a continuous and most reliable database scheme.

After 10+ years of operation and experience we gladly announce our newest version of datalogging software. We did not change a core feature, the software still cross-platform and uses the same database technology to ensure data integrity. Also, the features are remains the same. Yet we use the newest available technologies and complies with the requirements of 2023 future proof. We listened our partners and some functions on the frontend became simpler. We rewritten the whole software with newest technology but we kept the original concept. The software is bilingual English - Hungarian.

Our new software has a built-in webserver to serve graphical interface on network. After a successful login the software shows the dashboard, where the charts are placed as thumbnails. By clicking on these charts, the software redirect to the detailed view. In detailed section the charts are bigger and can be managed by multiple controls: seek, zoom in, zoom out, filter, download, print, save as image, save into group.  The charts can be saved into groups and then these groups can be listed just as like the charts in them. These forms are having a search field to simplify searching by date and / or custom term or words. All of this within a robust and simplified frontend.

The software has its own area for configure and customize the dashboard, groups, charts. An advanced area for configure the datalogging itself, like how to collect information. Many options are available through our modular framework, like Serial, TCP/IP and also many protocols are available such as MODBUS-TCPMODBUS-RTUS7 SNAPDCON, etc.. In this configuration the software first requires “modules”, then channels can be used inside a module. For example a module is a PLC and channels are individual information from PLC’s database.

The most important thing that, all the datalogger is collecting doing it so using channel id. Therefore, if a channel deleted then all the collected data will be erased too, except charts saved in “saved measurements”. Because saved measurements are handled differently for a purpose.

We newly added sandbox to manipulate incoming data, such as float, integer, string, endianness, etc..

Nexus Datalogger 2023

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