Big Concern: Facebook hack, Google Chrome V8 Hack, Meta Support

Published Date: 2023/04/21 by: DaVieS

Big Concern: Facebook hack, Google Chrome V8 Hack, Meta Support
Big Concern: Facebook hack, Google Chrome V8 Hack, Meta Support

Many users experiences that their account leaked through Facebook Advertisement platform.
The BOT change their names to Kevin Konkrete Davis and similar.

You can see already that many people are suffered, yet the facebook seemingly does not take a proper actions.

A lot of AD on Facebook is clearly for stealing Credit Card informations and uses Zero-Day exploit to achieve memory leakage, access cookies and any private informations that the Chrome Browser might hold in the memory region.  [CVE-2023-2033]

Facebook seems does nothing to protect their users, also there is no support to recover the accounts. Facebook does not care even if thousands of people marks an advertisement as SCAM or Phising, it leads to IT DOES NOT Against the community standards as much any fake accounts while encourages people to share their credit card informations.

Some rumors says the Meta uses AI to identify problems, but seems like it SUCKS.

Facebook does not have a proper support meantime possibly it fails European Union regulations too by not taking GDPR rules.

Facebook does have Two-Factor Authentication but useless. If someone could steal your session (cookies) they does not need to log in, therefore two-factor authentication does not protect you at all, it just a bunch of another personal information that might leak too

The two-factor authentication should work that way your session strict to your location. So it should be fishy if you were Belgium for months then suddenly you are in India and United States at the same time. About 3 lines of code could solve this.

If you are a victim any of this, your option is go for a lawsuit and upgrade Google Chrome to version 112 and seek a better platform to have social life. 


Many Users reported that too a Chrome Extension related to ChatGPT also caused facebook session leaks, confirmed by some security groups, the extension was removed from Google Store.

The chrome extension was used to steal all cookies which hostname contains facebook word, at least this is a good news, I mean that only facebook related cookies was sent not everything.

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