Trackit-PortGuard just released

Published Date: 2023/02/18 by: DaVieS

Trackit-PortGuard just released
Trackit-PortGuard just released

When implemented well, this software can be considered as two-factor pre-authentication.
Therefore this is one of the most secure method to protect services.

This is a simple TCP Gateway or proxy with advanced security features.
The mechanism similar to port knocking, however much more safe and also very user fiendly. This software act as TCP Server Daemon which accepting connections, and when new connection made the software decide to forward or drop regarding the atuhentication.

Connection being tunneled if source IP Address is KNOWN as Trusted. There are a many configurable and various ways to check this: DNS Query, Flatfile Based, HTTP Query, Built-In Webserver or connecting it to our eneterprise-class trackit-2019 monitoring instance.

The software has built-in Flood, Denial Of Service detection and protection. The software hard to be exploited due it is running on Low-Level Virtual Machine like framework with the speed of pure C/C++. Also the software does not requires privileges at all. The software works on local machine as well remote machines.



Supported Authentications:

  • DNS (A) (AAAA) based on IP source
  • HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1 Remote Authentication
  • Flatfile (txt) Authentication
  • TrackIT GLobal, TrackIT Prefix Authentication
  • Built-In Webserver Authentication

For more informations and download, take a look at

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