MSSQL Fail to start on newer hardware

Published Date: 2022/03/31 by: DaVieS

MSSQL Fail to start on newer hardware
MSSQL Fail to start on newer hardware

I recently faced with a strange issue with Microsoft Database Server.
I used Bhyve as hypervisor and a Windows as Guest OS, tried to install MSSQL but failed with very "speaky" errors below...


during installation. 


I tried to run it manually and it just exited with fault after saying:
There have been X misaligned log IOs which required falling back to synchronous IO. The current IO is on file xxx. - Thats something... After seeking for answers all I got is just a hint about newer SSDs and try to install another drive as a solution. So every mostly useless forum post get me closer to the conomdrum.

So what is the common thing in a new SSD and Bhyve? Uses 4K Physical Sector sizes by default..
So seems MSSQL will not work on newest hardware which uses 4K. 

In my case I just adjusted the Bhyve settings to ,sectorsize=512 and also added a Sata/Legacy option to BVCP as from 1.8.4-release. For the others, installing into "legacy" drive will make a trick but using VHD disks also could be a solution if you like a dirty way.

P.S: 4K logical sectors are fine if you have 512B physical sectors.

No more words.... 


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