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Who am I | What is nPulse.net for?

Published Date: 2020/03/24 by: DaVieS

Who am I | What is nPulse.net for?

nPulse.net is trying to have and keep up a great collection of Advanced IT Tools, Knowledge, IT-Specialists and connection with companies from IT sector.
We are believe in OpenSource Projects and also with Tech innovation. nPulse.net is founded by Viktor Hlavaji / DaVieS and still actively maintaining, built hundreds of softwares, some are OpenSource.

We have our repository you could checkout at: https://devel.npulse.net/oss


Hello, my name is Viktor Hlavaji, my nickname is DaVieS as you can see, my name is pretty difficult even in my own mother language thats why I have a nickname a long time ago.

Im an IT-Sepcialist with more than 15 years of experience of System Administrating, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows and in IT Security.

I have good experience with microcontrollers (PIC MCUs, ESP) and protocols such as ModBUS-RTU.
I worked on many low-level softwares so I have experience with low-level networking, including ARP, Ethernet, TCP, UDP, ICMP forgive me if I not including every IEEExxxx.

Back in time I started with game server renting and webhosting, in this era I had a few sites running with about 15-25K unique visitors / day, when the ADSL was trying to become popuplar over ISDN. <- If you born after 2000 you may not know what these means, google it.

I tried Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. FreeBSD won, since it a most cleanest system that I ever met out-of-the-box.
Im currently doing my own development a 7th. Webhosting System.

I had a great success with my own softwares like:

 - Industry Leading High-Availability Datalogging Software
 - ASPF (Centralized Spam Filter, effectiveness: 99.9%) - No Kidding..
 - Track-IT (Complete IT-Infrastructure management system) Like: Teamviewer, Cisco, VNC, HWINFO, SMART, Tunnels)
 - Smarthome
 - sysAdmin's ToolBox (Android)
 - etc..

I had a lot of free and paid softwares and only about 3% could reach my requirements so in this case, if I need something then I will make it for myself because I always thought that it would better than any existing and now I know that and instead of forget or abandon Im trying to share everyone which is sometimes very hard... by the law.. licenses.. languages.. But this is my footprint that I will left in the world.

Here is what is the nPulse.net I made hundreds of softwares but it is impossible to meantain them, so I started to use a framework which is expanding functionality over-time therefore all of my softwares meantained. Its working now.

nPulse.net is my development infrastructure, in long-term will become a great community at least I hope so.

I want share some piece of knowledge to help other people as I learned so much from others.
There are a lot of free tools in this site and expanding, this for you. 

Im willing to make more content, lessons, how-to, ...


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