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Modbus Live Sampling Tool

Here we go in the interesting part. You can download our single CLI Software which only makes a connection within our server and your device(s).

After the pairing done (makes this thing secure), you are able to send query and receive a response from your device, whenever you are.

This tool is extremely usefull when you does not have a physical access to the device. Only for testing purposes.


Modbus-Live needs to be software installed on your computer
Software is available for Microsoft Windows Vista/7/10 and Debian 9

                    - Download (CLI) Software and RUN, seek for pairing code:
                    -------->  (!) Pairing Code: [ XXXXXX ]  <--------
                    - Enter Pairing Code into this site
                    - Select & Configure Serial Port
                    - You are able to query serial port
                    - Debian depedencies: libmicrohttpd, openssl-dev, libcurl.
                    - Our Software creates a serial over internet bridge
                    - Proceed with caution as we take no responsibility 
                      for any damages to your hardware. Do it at your own Risk
                    - We are assume you are know what you are doing, but for safe
                      only read operations allowed at the moment.
                    - Downloading and using our CLI application means you
                      understood and accepted our policies.


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