Planning & Development & Management

Planning & Development & Management Since 2009.

We have a large success in High-Availability Software Development in C/C++/LUA/PHP languages, like datalogger softwares.
All of our softwares mostly has a built-in web interface, we used this technology for HA/industrial usage for first.

IT Infrastructure management also our profile we could deploying an enterprise class system for companies those really needs customized IT enviroment that fits all the requirements.

 Also: Web Hosting & Website Building & Server Operation & Domain and Mail Management, local and remote system administrating.

We have a high routine since our experience is widely, starting from a low-level microcontrollers to websites and Search Engine Optimalisation.

IT-Security Breach & Denial Of Service prevention.


Some of our public works:

  • Nexus-Datalogger: HA / Enterprise-Class C++ Datalogger Software (Software, Hardware), widely used for many years especially in automotive industries.
  • LMVH: Lightweight Mass Virtual Hosting is a simple and very secure Virtual hosting enviroment such as CPanel and ISPConfig.
    Made for community and also its free, Written in C/C++ and LUA. (Debian 8).
    • High-Tech Domain management (DNSSEC, AXFR, MASTER/SLAVE Operation)
    • Hosting Packages
    • Pseudo-Jailed websites with MPM_ITK
    • FTP, Mail, Mail Rules, SPAM & Virus Filtering.
    • Multi-User/Multi-DB mySQL management
    • Its built for security and speed (we using this at the current)
  • Track-IT Enterprise Monitoring 
    • Cisco SNMPv2, SNMPv3 Real-TIme Monitoring (Ports, CPU, MAC)
    • Assign IPs to Network Port
    • Auto-Discovery
    • Multi-Worker Redundant Service (TCP), Website Monitoring
    • SmokePing (Latency, Loss)
    • Linux based client software that report about the machine's state
      • S.M.A.R.T
      • DMI
      • MDADM Status
      • ZFS / Zpool Status
      • Logs and Services
    • Android Support for PUSH Notifications